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Top 50 Songs of 2022

Updated: Jan 7, 2023

As our final list of the season, we count down the Top 50 Songs of 2022. Skip the panicked preamble by going to 05:31

50. C'mon Baby Cry by Orville Peck 49. Glimpse Of Us by Joji 48. Delirious by Josh Ramsay (Ft. Fefe Dobson) 47. Say It by NewDad 46. Roman Holiday by Fontaines D.C. 45. Identity Crisis by Matt Simons 44. Body by Soulé 43. Johnny P's Caddy by Benny the Butcher (Ft. J. Cole)

42. Be By Your Side by Pillow Queens

41. Sidelines by Phoebe Bridgers

40. Ballad of a Retired Man by Ian Noe

39. Baby, I Had An Abortion by Petrol Girls

38. I Want A Love Like This by Everything Everything

37. Wet Dream by Wet Leg

36. Lonely by CMAT

35. Oh Caroline by The 1975

34. MS. MURAL by Lupe Fiasco

33. Follow You by modernlove.

32. Help by Deaf Havana

31. The Wicked Rule The Night by Avantasia (Ft. Ralf Scheepers)

30. AUTOBOTO by Lupe Fiasco

29. Free by Florence + The Machine

28. blue bones (deathwish) by Billy Nomates

27. Serpens (Trial Of Lucifer) by Sadistik & Kno

26. Buddy's Rendezvous by Father John Misty

25. Every Bottle (Is My Boyfriend) by CMAT

24. Middle Of A Breakup by Panic! At The Disco

23. Mastermind by Taylor Swift

22. The Only Heartbreaker by Mitski

21. No More Virgos by CMAT

20. Savior by Kendrick Lamar (Ft. Baby Keem & Sam Dew)

19. Lonesome As It Gets by Ian Noe

18. Surround Sound by JID (Ft. 21 Savage & Baby Tate)

17. Kevin's Car by Everything Everything

16. Middle Of A Heart by Adeem the Artist

15. Lady Mine by Josh Ramsay (Ft. Chad Kroeger)

14. Cassandra by Florence + The Machine

13. Hearts & Minds by Pillow Queens

12. Married In A Honky Tonk by Jenny Tolman

11. Softly by Arlo Parks

10. Someone/Somewhere by Deaf Havana (Ft. IDER)

9. The Place Where He Inserted The Blade by Black Country, New Road

8. Wage Wars Get Rich Die Handsome by The Mountain Goats

7. The Curse of the Blackened Eye by Orville Peck

6. Jackie Down The Line by Fontaines D.C.

5. Dance Now by JID (Ft. Kenny Mason)

4. My Love by Florence + The Machine

3. Diet Coke / inside by Leanna Firestone

2. Walkin by Denzel Curry

1. I Love You by Fontaines D.C.

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